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Tokyo never rests in setting the latest trend,
whether in fashion, cuisine, culture or many others.
How about telling the world through your photos about the charm of Tokyo,
which you have visited and experienced by yourself?

Tag your Instagram photos with #my_and_tokyo2017.
In the photo caption, write the "Charm of Tokyo" you found
and the place the photo was taken, then post away!
The best submission wins a trip to Tokyo!
There's also a chance to win a ticket to Tokyo and unique Tokyo-only gifts!
Let's tell lots of people of the genuine charm you discovered in Tokyo!


Submission Guidelines


Tokyo Metropolitan Government・Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau(TCVB)

Submission Period

1 February 2017 (Wed) - 20 February 2017 (Mon)

※There is no limit to the number of photos participants can submit during this period.


Best Photo (1 award):Malaysia-Tokyo return flight and 3 days 2 nights accommodations for two
Award of Excellence (1 award):Malaysia-Tokyo return flight for two
A Award (2 awards): Gifts from Tokyo
B Award (3 awards): Sweets from Tokyo
C Award (5 awards): Stationery from Tokyo

Awards Announcement and Judgment

・The management office will be responsible for the internal selection and will notify selected participants of their reward via Instagram direct message by 28 February 2017. Please note that if there is no reply from the participant within the deadline, the participant's reward may be nullified.


  1. Participation in this campaign is limited to residents of Malaysia and Malaysian nationals.
  2. Photos must be taken in Tokyo. Past photos can be submitted as well.
  3. Please make sure to include “Charm of Tokyo" and “Place taken" in the caption.
  4. Please post original photos you have taken yourself which have not been published before.
  5. Announcement of selected submissions will be made on this website.
  6. Please submit actual photos. Refrain from photos which have been edited in manners which obscure the photographic subject, or images constructed solely from CG.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Copyright of awarded submissions will be transferred to the organizer.
  2. Awarded submissions may be modified upon publication to suit printing conditions.
  3. Participants under the age of 18 should submit photos under approval of parents or guardians. Submissions from participants under the age of 18 shall be considered as having received approval of parents or guardians.
  4. Photos which infringe or carry a possibility of infringement of copyright or rights to usage, which violate public order and morals or the law, including those which based on the organizer's judgment goes against Submission Guidelines or Terms and Conditions, may be deleted without prior notice.
  5. Regarding photos which require the consent of a third party to submit, participant is responsible for submitting upon receiving consent from said third party.
  6. If the Instagram audience setting is set to Private upon publishing, submission cannot be completed. Please set the audience to Public in advance.
  7. Owners of selected submissions will be contacted via the direct message function of their Instagram posts.
  8. Should you have any queries regarding this campaign, please contact organizers at
  9. Please note that the contents of this campaign as well as this guideline may be modified or cancelled without prior notice.
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